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Where to find the silk dresses?
Where to find the silk dresses?Where to find the silk dresses?Where to find the silk dresses?

If you ask where to find the best silk dresses for wedding, many will say "mae Nouay" Souvannavong whose workshop is in KM3, Vat Nak in Vientiane. It has been for two or three generations already, starting with Oufonh Souvannavong and all the grand families marry their children with dresses coming from their workshops.

There are many others too of this level. I like Maicome (photos here www.maicome.com) which brings something very modern with the best silk from China. She does not show much from her website, maybe the market is so competitive that she is afraid to be copied. They are work of art.

Both from mae Nouay or Maicome, I have never been able to afford the costumes, even to enjoy it for a high society event. They can run from 2000 to 5000$.

In looking at the video of Isaan singer Jew Amornrat, she wears something that is in the line of what Maicome produces. Perfect color nuances, elegant. I will talk about Jew Amornrat in another post, I think she is just marvelous. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwdXehP8ygM

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