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In the 60s, Judith was a foreign American student who was hosted by my grandfather "Pho Gnai". She stayed for two months in the grand house in the Bouasavanh neighborhood the middle of Vientiane, participated to the royal wedding of princess Savivanh....

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In a post dated Sept 30, 2015, the Facebook page Art and Culture of Laos explains that in Luang Prabang, the phakhouan of the wedding consists of a footed bowl (ຂັນ) that you put on in a bowl (ໂອ) with the bowl representing the bride while the footed...

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I like this video for the mophone's words when welcoming the groom's family. These are codified "are you coming with good intentions, to build and prosper?" ... "we are coming to be your son, your nephew..." The flower bouquet of the phakhouan is beautifully...

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