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  • Mo Lam, Master in Lam

    16 May 2016 ( #music )

    The best mo lam singers of Laos in my view are Khiengchai Sabayphone and Intaeng Keoboula. In my family, we would have mo lam (master in lam) to sing all night long for a week while we prepare for the wedding ceremony. The khene bamboo flute and their...

  • A wealthy Lao wedding in Vientiane

    22 April 2017 ( #Videos )

    Interesting to contrast the video of the weddings in the US and Germany with this one, from a wealthy family in Lao with groom Khamgneun and bride Siewyian. Admire the real gold jewelry of the bride, golden thread embroidery of her blouse. Beautiful wedding...

  • Words for wedding

    02 April 2016 ( #Videos, #words, #phakhouan )

    I like this video for the mophone's words when welcoming the groom's family. These are codified "are you coming with good intentions, to build and prosper?" ... "we are coming to be your son, your nephew..." The flower bouquet of the phakhouan is beautifully...

  • Wedding of the nouveaux riches

    21 December 2018

    Some well done videos of recent weddings in Laos. These are full length video that can give you a pretty good feel of today's wedding and the way of life of some wealthier families. It's not an endorsement - some stuff are tooo much, too nouveaux riches...

  • Intro to Lao cuisine

    08 May 2016 ( #cuisine )

    A pity I have not found any video that shows how we properly prepare the laab beef (lab sinh) which is core to the food prepared for a Lao wedding. This video is a good introduction to Lao cuisine for our farang friends who may not be familiar wit our...

  • Tying a traditional bun

    27 April 2016 ( #hairstyle )

    Learn how to tie a bun with just one hairspin like this old Tai Dam lady. Usually we would put the bun just above the neck. The Lao and Thai people share the same ethnic origin, that we are from the Tai ethnic group, who have emigrated from South China...

  • Lao Monsoon Tea by Mariage Freres

    01 September 2017 ( #cuisine )

    I can't resist the beautiful calligraphy "Sa", a Lao green tea offered by famous Mariage Freres, Paris. The quality is excellent enough to be part of their offering so this makes me very proud. It's a collector tin, a celadon green canister with 100 g...

  • Joel Halpern collection

    02 April 2016 ( #research )

    Joel Halpern is an American anthropologist who worked in Laos in 1957, 1959 and 1969, with a particular focus on the Lao elite. He initially went to Laos as a Junior Foreign Service Officer attached to USOM, the U.S. Operations Mission, in January 1957...

  • Archives from Overseas

    04 May 2016 ( #research )

    A treasure trove of old images of Laos (416 photos) but also Cambodia, Vietnam and other exotic countries when France was still an empire. One can never have enough of these memories, the quiet land in South East Asia. The Archives d'Outre Mer is the...

  • The signification of Baci

    22 May 2016 ( #rites )

    Interview of a mo phone (an officiant) explaining beautifully what is the meaning of Baci commissioned by the University of Khon Kaen (part of Lao/Thai Isaan back in the late 19th century). it is in Thai/Lao. For an explanation of the baci, the most comprehensive...

  • A wedding in Germany

    22 April 2017 ( #Videos )

    A well done video of a mixed marriage wedding between Dariny and Joshua. I particularly like the sound bite of the Lao prayer at the beginning of the video. Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TylpeoboN4A

  • A Lao Wedding in America

    22 April 2017 ( #Videos )

    Watch the well done 13-minute video of the wedding of James and Chanare. Very American indeed but lots of efforts to keep the Lao traditions with many years of exile from the elders. Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l9VmaQP4LM

  • Contemporary Lao Wedding in Luang Prabang

    02 April 2016 ( #Videos )

    A nicely organized wedding, Luang Prabang Style. I like the sobriety of the ceremony, the quality of the silk dress "sinh" of the women. Very authentic indeed. https://youtu.be/VLg4wc1I0fs

  • Sokdi Pimay deu ! Happy New Year!

    16 April 2016 ( #Ceremony )

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